Chikankari Embroidered Cotton and Silk

The Chikankari embroidery industry in Lucknow involves over 5000 families, mostly in the city’s villages. For many years, these families have been doing Chikankari embroidery and teaching their skills to their children. The hard work and skill of our suppliers have been essential in preserving and promoting Chikankari art in Lucknow and beyond.

Women mostly do most Chikankari work, but the Muslim community mostly runs the industry. These women are skilled in many different embroidery stitches and patterns. They create detailed and beautiful designs on fabrics such as muslin, silk, and chiffon. They often work from their homes, balancing their embroidery work with household responsibilities and caring for their families.

The Chikankari embroidery industry helps families make money and keeps the traditional art form alive. The women take great pride in their work, showcasing their craftsmanship and creativity through each intricate stitch and design.

At Aleza, we use cotton or silk materials for our products. We decorate them with various embroidery designs selected for their beauty.

Our suppliers’ dedication and expertise have been essential in preserving and promoting the art of Chikankari in Lucknow and beyond. We take great pleasure in presenting these distinctive pieces to you. Our suppliers’ hard work and skill are crucial in preserving and promoting Chikankari art in Lucknow and beyond.

Artisans in Lucknow have practiced Chikan work, a traditional form of embroidery, for over 200 years. This intricate and delicate form of embroidery involves creating beautiful patterns on fabric using a variety of stitches. Lucknow is famous for producing high-quality Chikan work, with skilled women passing down their techniques from generation to generation.

Chikan work is an art that involves carefully hand-stitching intricate designs onto fabric. People typically use white thread on pastel-colored fabrics to achieve a subtle and elegant appearance. The designs can range from floral motifs to geometric patterns, and each piece is unique and carefully crafted.

Lucknow’s Chikan work has gained recognition both nationally and internationally for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. The city’s artisans take great pride in their work, and each piece reflects the rich cultural heritage and tradition of the region.

Should you journey to India, you’ll encounter goods such as sarees, suits, dupattas, and home decor items. At Aleza store, our buyers carefully select each item and work with vendors to ensure ethical sourcing. We value our vendors and their families.

By purchasing from you can help support the artisans and craftsmen of Lucknow. This helps preserve the traditional art form and allows you to own a beautiful piece of clothing.

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