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Aleza Clothing Brand History

Welcome to Aleza! Based in the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia, we take pride in bringing you exquisite fashion pieces crafted with passion and tradition.

Our journey intertwines cultures as we collaborate with skilled artisans in India to create timeless cotton, poly/silk and georgette clothing for the modern woman.

At the heart of our creations lies Chikankari embroidery, a cherished art form originating from the ancient city of Lucknow.

This intricate technique involves delicate hand embroidery, where skilled artisans meticulously weave patterns onto fabric with fine threads. Each stitch tells a story, showcasing the rich heritage and craftmanship passed down through generations.

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About Aleza Clothing

What We Do?

Through our dedication to quality and authenticity, we strive to preserve this age-old tradition while adding a contemporary touch to each design. With every piece, we aim to celebrate the beauty of craftmanship and empower the artisans behind it.

Join us on this journey as we bridge continents, cultures and craftmanship, one stich at a time.

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